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Woodlands Garden Project 2019

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The Woodlands Garden Project will be one of the biggest projects 'we' have taken on. The majority of our work up until this point has been fundraising and then subsequent donations.


The Woodlands centre (cancer ward) at Hinchingbrooke Hospital, represents a local cause that desperately needs support. The garden as you can see is in a shambolic state. We are calling on the local community to pull together to help make the garden area something that will make a positve difference to the patients of the ward.


The Malcolm Whales Foundation has pledged to fund up to £10,000 to make the project a reality. The hope is that through donations of time and expertise the actual cost will be significantly less. Enabling TMWF to donate further support.




We hope to launch the project in early April. The work will be carried out over a few weekends




The charity works closely with a number of schools. The plan is to involve lots of secondary students to work alongside members of the local community and hopefully some skilled trade people.


What do we want


- Landscape gardeners and garden designers to create and lead the project (we have already had some very kind offers)

- Donations of materials, plants etc.

- People to assist with the labouring side. As much or as little as you can offer.

- Your support - in whatever form that comes.


If you have any further questions or if you are willing to get involved please contact us via our Facebook page or email Twitter @malcolmwhales

IMG_8345 Facebook page Woodlands Centre F11 IMG_8341 IMG_8338 IMG_8333 Garden Design measurements G11 Front of Woodlands 1 A21 C11 D21 D11 C21 B31 B21 B11

Please see the photos and measurements below to assist with the garden design aspects.


The brief for garden design is it needs (i) to be accessible (ii) low maintenance (iii) no water features.


The plan is to place the designs in the ward for the patients to decide their preference.