The Malcolm Whales Foundation



Why Support Us?

Your company can help The Malcolm Whales Foundation make a long-lasting difference to people suffering from Cancer and other life-threatening illnesses in the UK. By becoming a corporate partner, you will be helping us to support organisations and activity groups around the UK that help raise awareness of Cancer and provide enjoyment to those suffering from the terminal illness.

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The Malcolm Whales Foundation is a fast growing charity and WE NEED YOU to help us increase this rapid growth!


Our charity has raised over £180,000 since being formed in 2009, in which 100% of the money raised has gone to support the following:


  • Sponsor weekly events for organisations to run activities for people suffering with terminal illnesses.

  • Provide equipment to local hospices and hospitals to provide enjoyment to their patients.

  • Fund new facilities for local organisations who help Cancer sufferers.


Our charitable organisation wants to increase the difference we can make, and we need your assistance and co-operation to make this happen.

What's In It For You?


The Malcolm Whales Foundation aims to provide all corporate partners with a specifically tailored package that will help both the charity and your company grow.


Partnering with a trusted charity that positively influences communities organisations, families and individuals affected by cancer will allow your business to:


  • Increase brand awareness and your reputation.

  • Increase your service and sales by associating your services with our charity.

  • Increase and help integrate the local communities with both your company and our charity.

We would love to talk to you about the variety of different ways you might be able to work with us.

Your co-operation with The Malcolm Whales Foundation can make a difference to hundreds of lives in the UK.