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I am so proud to be the chairman and founder of the Foundation. Malcolm was my dad, unfortunately it took his death for this amazing charity to be created.


I am a teacher in Peterborough and through working in schools I have been able to introduce and involve hundreds of young people to the positivity of charity work. I am an extremely keen sportsman, with my biggest passions being Rugby and Golf. As the coach of Huntingdon Rugby Club, I have close links to Huntingdonshire, where I am constantly on the look out for particpants, sponsors and causes to support.


As a parent of three, I am so excited that one day all three of my boys will walk alongside me and complete the walk in memory of my dad, their grandad.


I thank you in advance for any support you have provided. Lets hope the charity continues to grow and continues to impact postively on many more people in the years and decades to come.


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I am incredibly proud to be part of The Malcolm Whales Foundation, it is so rewarding to be part of something that continues to evolve and prosper. It is an incredible charity that has the unique quality of both enriching the lives of those suffering from cancer as well as those that actually raise money through their various events.


The annual Dorset Walk especially has a profound effect on all that take part, building character and inspiring young people to be charitable. I first engaged with the charity taking part in the 12 hours of sport event and in year 10 the Dorset Walk - which my school friends and I have now taken part for the last 3 years.


The programmes the charity supports are truly life-changing.



My first walk was as a Year 9 student back in 2009, and here I am now, an active trustee of this great Foundation!


I am a teacher in Cambridgeshire, having qualified in 2017. I am also a multi-sports coach for All4Sports, a based company in Cambridgeshire. I also love my football and I currently oversee the youth teams at Mildenhall Town FC. As you can tell, I am quite busy! But I love what I do, and similar to Damien, I have the ambition to involve more and more children with their families into the charity events and raise important funds for to help improve the rehabilitation and lives of those affected by cancer.


It’s been great to be involved as a trustee of this charity and I can’t wait to help the charity continue to grow. Here’s to many more years of making a positive difference.



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As I update this, the Foundation is celebrating its 10th year...who knew in 2008 it would grow to this!  The first Sponsored Walk in Dorset started with a small group of students from Ely College. I am so glad to have been a part of the first walk and since its beginning, I haven't missed a single year.


When The Malcolm Whales Foundation was being created by Damien, I was privileged to be asked to become a Trustee. Why would I turn down the opportunity to be a part of something so incredible?


When I look back over the years, its great to think about how many of our teenagers have been involved in raising money for such as great cause.  The school has also supported the students, enabling visits to children's cancer wards during Christmas' to share gifts, all funded by the Malcolm Whales Foundation.


Its been really pleasing to see the walk expand from just 30 students, to 165 +, including friends, families and many other external organisations.  In recent years we've had members of the RAF, Climbing Out and Edgars Gift, two charities we now work in partnership with.


I came into teaching to inspire students and give them real life experiences. Those involved with the Foundation would agree, its an excellent way to engage young people in an amazing experience, one which they will rememeber for many years to come.


On a personal level my family and friends have also joined in the fundraising efforts of the Foundation, which has been so rewarding to see.


In my spare time I also enjoy sports, with football and skiing being two passions of mine. I also enjoy a good practice walk with my walking companion, Tess my dog.  She's even completed the walk three times! Not bad for four short legs.


I look forward to seeing what we can do in the next 10!

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Stuart Patman

Damien Whales

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Jack Emery

I first got involved with the “Malcom Whales Foundation” in 2008. My youngest son, then aged 14, asked if he could go on a sponsored charity walk in Dorset with other students and staff of Ely College, led by Damien who was Head of Sport. I went along to the very first parents meeting, the rest is history. I am a Chef by trade and have been the ‘Camp Cook’ every year since. It is so satisfying to see the walkers return exhausted and hungry tucking in to a hot, hearty and healthy meal.


I was treated for cancer fifteen years ago, fortunately I was one of the lucky ones as it was diagnosed early. To be involved as a Trustee of The Foundation means I am able to help raise funds and assist young people less fortunate than myself.


It is incredible how the Charity has evolved over ten years. We now use the funds to help young cancer sufferers with anything that can bring some comfort and happiness into their lives. By doing this in our own communities we hope to encourage local Business’ to join us with sponsorship and get us through another ten years.

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Tony McInally

Jack Edge

I started to get involved with The Malcolm Whales Foundation in their 7th year having watched them grow from a far for the first 6 years as I knew a number of people involved, namely Damien who has been a teacher and rugby coach to me over the years. Occasionally making donations to support their various fundraising events.


I was keen to get involved because it was clear to me that everyone at The Malcolm Whales Foundation worked so hard to ensure as much of the money they raised went to help those effected by cancer.


After two years attending the walks as a volunteer Damien asked me to become a trustee. It was an honour but most importantly I couldn't wait to have more involvement in the charity.


What I love most is the amazing way I honestly feel that we raise awareness. There aren't many fundraising events that provide fundraisers an opportunity to meet those their efforts have a direct impact on. To see them taking part in this tough fundraiser and sharing their stories with the others taking part is really something special and I personally raised awareness in a way I haven't seen before.


I can't wait to continue to work with the Foundation, watch us grow and most importantly continue to help those living with Cancer.


Outside of TMWF I work for the NHS while also holding a voluntary role at Huntingdon Rugby club. I am a keen golfer and skier although I don't get to do either of those things nearly as much as I would like.

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Neil Welsh

Having known Damien for a long time and met his father on numerous occasions it took very little thought to agree to take part in the fund raising activities. This was made even more relevant this year when my own father (who has helped out on the walk before) was diagnosed with Bowel Cancer, he is on the slow road to recovery but thankfully they caught it in time. Due to my father being diagnosed my whole family are even more behind the walk than ever.


In the lead up to my first walk I have played in the charity golf days and rugby matches at the start and when the opportunity came to take part on the walk i jumped at it.

As a teacher at Prince William School in Oundle I have been involved in the walk since its second year and this year will be the 7th time i have completed it, the participation by students from my school has grown initially when i went on our first walk with only 5 students, it was such an amazing experience and to see the boys walking along Swanage seafront with pink cowboy hats on collecting money inspired the idea of collection boxes.


I am very proud to be a trustee and was delighted when Damian asked me to join the group, the work done by the charity is amazing and the experience that it gives the students is second to none, i hope that it continues for a long time and as long as i am available to do so i will keep walking. Looking forward to the 10yr anniversary walk may be a stretch but i am sure the rewards at the end will be worth it.


Like Damian i hope that in time my little boy will join us on the walk and the generations can keep it going.

Neil Welsh

Doug Bentley

Awaiitng information

Damien Whales, the founder and chairman of the charity, has only gone and married my younger sister, Keldy!  This has brought our two families together behind a cause that affects nearly every family.  We have been only too pleased to assist over the last few years with the good work that The Malcolm Whales Foundation does and to support Damien, Keldy and the other trustees in their role.


I was honoured to be nominated as a trustee for the charity and will help out where and whenever I can.  I commend to you the good work of this charity and its aim to positively impact on all its recipients.

James German

James German Patron