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Dorset Walk 2020 - Friday 10th > Sunday 12th July


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The Dorset Walk 2020 will soon be here - this it year will commence on Friday 10th July.



The details are almost identical to last year, however as a reminder:


- We walk for 3 days. We start on Weymouth seafront on Friday 10th July. The final day's walking is Sunday 12th July where we finish at Studland beach.

- The total number of miles that we walk is 40 miles, which are more or less spread evenly over the 3 days.

- School groups arrive Thursday am and leave Monday am - adults and families are welcome to do this. Most non-school participants arrive Thursday PM and leave Sunday PM.

- We camp at Burnbake Campsite in Corfe Castle for ALL of the nights - WE DO NOT CARRY EQUIPMENT - we transport people to the start and finish each day.

- The cost is £100 for the weekend, which includes all food, accomadation and a charity tshirt for each day. If you can't make all 3 days you can pay £35 a day. Families can book at a reduced rate - please contact us seperately for more information.




THIS IS NOT JUST A SCHOOL TRIP. The event is open to all. We have approximately 75 plus non-students taking part, which really adds to the event! Almost to a person, the people that have taken part have loved every second of it. Please read the Facebook reviews!

It is very physically demanding - many people have described it as the hardest thing they have ever done! Although to help with some perspective, my 8 year has completed it  (he is a machine though).




If you are planning on joining us, please get in touch as soon as possible. The numbers have gone ballistic this year. For the first time ever I think we may be limiting numbers and putting a final cap on participants.

My long term goal is for 500 plus participants, the current record is 270 (last year). Indications this year are that we may well go into the 300's!!

We are able to provide letters, powerpoints, risk assessments etc. All you need to do is get particpants and get them to Dorset!




These are available at Burnbake - they are not cheap, they provide a slightly different experience to the camping provision we offer. They include not only a bed, but ... hot-tubs. If you are interested, they do come with a discount if you are involved with the walk. Booking from Monday to Monday seems the most sensible as it's only slightly more expensive than the weekend, which i don't think covers all the neccassary nights. For more info please contact Burnabake and mention the Foundation.




As the walk has grown, we are more than ever in need for people to come down and help (not walk). The 'camp' has become an essential part of the charity event and the people that have given their time to this aspect, have been invaluable. If you are able to support in any way (you don't need particular skills - just able to offer your time) please get in touch.




The costs of the walk are an annual annoyance. To organise and run this trip costs 'money' - the £100 charged to each participant doesn't quite cover the costs, each person taking part costs us about £125 each. We keep the cost as low as possible to enable as many people as possible to take part. The sponsorship we manage to achieve, obviously prevents the money rasied by individuals being used to cover costs. The Holy Grail is to get all costs covered, so that every penny that is rasied/paid becomes 'profit' that can go straight to our charitable causes.



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Please have a look at the reviews on Facebook - if you've been before please add one.




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