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Annual reports 2016 + 2017



Charity Annual review 2017


The annual review allows me to look back at what was the 9th year of the charity. The team of Trustees are becoming stronger; as the charity grows their support and hard work has become increasingly appreciated.  Doug Bentley, Tony McInally, Courtney Pettifor, Jack Edge, James Thorp, Jack Emery and Neil Welsh, thank you so much for your efforts. Most of all, thanks to Stuart Patman who has been involved since the very start and walked every mile of the 360 Dorset miles to date.


In terms of fundraising, it is pleasing to report another excellent year! In total we have raised a staggering £31,939 through a number of charitable events. Meaning, over the past 9 years we have now raised £141,939. In 2018 we are on course to break the £150,000 mark.


How did we raise the money?


(i) Dorset Walk 2017


This year saw record breaking numbers with 165 walkers taking to the Dorset coastline - all contributing to the £20,000 we managed to raise!


This year, we were kindly sponsored by several different companies. A huge thanks to Standen who sponsored the t-shirts for all 3 days, All-undercover for the donation of a marquee for the weekend and to Tescos and Morrrisons for their donation of food and drink for the participants.


Highlights of the year were the introduction of Facebook Live, which created a fantastic interactive dimension between the walkers and their supporters, and the first time a lodge had been rented by some participants, which enabled some to use the hot tub!!


Again, the two major schools that contributed to the numbers were Ely College and Prince William. There was a strong contingent of ex-Ely students from Hills and Long Road. Unfortunately Rushden Academy dropped out at the last minute.


(ii) Rookery Waters Fun Day


Rookery Waters in Pidley, for the second year, ran a free family fun day. This year The Malcolm Whales Foundation helped out with the organisation and in return, any donations were gladly given to the charity, enabling us to raise £520.


(iii) Barnham Broom Golf Day


The Charity golf day took place at Barnham Broom in Norfolk on 25th August. A number of teams across the region took part in the 4 BBB format. The weather was better than we could have possibly hoped for and with some generous donations the event raised £6319.


(iv) Charity Rock Night


In June, Jay Fullarton as part of his Extended Project organised a music event at the Blue Moon in Cambridge. Thanks to his efforts he managed to raise £220.



(v) 12 hours sport


On the 8th December both Ely College and Ken Stimpson hosted their 12 hours of sport on the same day. Both schools managed to involve 100 students from their respective schools, enabling a staggering £4000 to be raised in just 12 hours. Unfortunately, Rushden Academy were unable to participate in December and hope to host the event in early 2018.



This year’s TMWF donations



Edgars Gift


•£1500 to provide free holidays for any families affected by cancer. These are available at Edgars Gifts caravan on the Lincolnshire coast.

•£500 for wishes that can be used at any time.




•£7,500 to buy a new sailboat that can be used by people/families affected by cancer or other serious disabilities.

•The boat is to be called ‘The Malcolm Whales’ and will be available at Grafham Water from early 2018.



Climbing Out 


•£10,000 was paid to provide a full week for cancer sufferers to come together and for Climbing Out to work its magic.

•This year we received thank you letters from the participants, which testified to the incredible impact that Climbing Out has and their appreciation for our support.


Christmas donations


•Following the 12 hours of sport on 8th December - Ken Stimpson donated £500 to the Peterborough Hospital for their Christmas appeal.  Ely College donated £500 to the Children’s cancer ward at Addenbrookes.


The George Pantziarka TP53 Trust


•A charity supporting people affected by Li-Fraumeni Syndrome (LFS). We hope to have donated £2500 to support their research through Dundee University.


Family support donation


•For the first time this year we gave a grant of £250 to enable a family affected by cancer, to have a holiday away.



Press coverage


We have again had some excellent press coverage, The Ely Standard in particular continues to be a keen supporter.

Spotted in Ely has also given us some fabulous coverage across social medias.

The Dorset Echo wrote a very nice article to raise awareness down in Dorset.




Current Patrons – Andy Emery, Liz Whales and Geoff Bonnett. We hope to add a couple more in January 2018.


T-shirts on tour


This year’s destinations included:


South Africa – Jack Edge                           Kenya – Abi Haynes and co

Cyprus – James and Clair German              Canada – Oscar Edwards

Portugal – Frazer Hutton                           Cyprus #2 – Dom Hunt & Sophie Woodbridge

Spain – James Gould                                 Isles of Scilly – Adam Tucker

Italy – Stuart Patman                                Spain – Team Haynes

Portugal – Ben Gibbs                                 North Sumatra – Jason Coe

Cape Verde – Team Emery


Other news:


•The year saw us invest in our infrastructure for the walk. We are continually trying to and make improvements to the event. Simple things like tables, chairs, banners, flags etc were bought this year.

•For the first time we have regular monthly finacial contributors – Ben Gibbs, Karen Sutton and  Lorna Stanley all donating a monthly amount. Many thanks!

•Neil Welsh, one of our trustees, has had a family cancer scare. Alan, Neil’s dad was diagnosed with bowel cancer. Fortunately, it was caught early enough and following surgery the signs are looking good. We would like to wish Alan a speedy recovery.


Finally, thanks to everybody who has supported us financially, or through time and effort. It is appreciated enormously.


Onwards and upwards!


Damien Whales


TMWF Chairman





Charity Annual review 2016




This is the first annual report that I have written. The intention is to make them a very short and concise summary of the year past.

Before I do that I would like to indulge slightly, in what has been achieved since my Dad’s death in 2008.

We set out in July 2009 for the first of our Dorset walks, we managed to raise £6000, with fewer than 30 participants. It was an incredible success, everyone that took part thoroughly enjoyed the walk; we had awoken a sleeping giant. In 2012 we set up The Malcolm Whales Foundation, by 2016 we had raised in excess of £100,000, a truly remarkable achievement.

On a personal level, the pride I feel from the creation of the charity, is beyond measure. Walking down the Weymouth seafront with my eldest son, in memory of my Dad, will remain one of the proudest moments of my life! I hope both my boys become involved and help me and the trustees continue to drive the charity from strength to strength. Many people say to me ‘your Dad would be very proud’, I truly hope so. The charity embodies many of his beliefs and passions, long may it continue!


2016 Charitable Events


2016 was the year that may never have been. Ely College had been a fantastic supporter of the charity. Unfortunately a change in leadership resulted in some very short sighted and bizarre decision making. It threw a big cloud over the walk, the students were extremely upset and took on the leadership and even wrote to the local press to gather support for the walk.

In the end, we had to organise the walk in the summer holidays. Which as expected had a hugely negative impact on the number of people able to participate. In spite of the low numbers; the addition of RAF Wyton, Climbing Out and other non-school participants has probably enabled us to broaden our horizons.

Other positives though must include the reinvention of the 12 hours of sport, with Ely and Rushden combining to raise £2600.

Charity partners

We have added Edgars Gift as an official partner. Climbing Out remains an ongoing partner and this year we created a more unofficial link with Sailability; mostly though the support of Fred German (Keldy’s Dad and a volunteer with Sailability, at Grafham Water).


Our Charitable donations in 2016 where:


•£4,000 to Edgars Gift. The money was used for purchase a holiday home, providing free holidays for cancer sufferers.

•£2500 to Sailability. This helped the creation of a new clubhouse for their participants.

•£500 donation to the Doddinton guides who were raising money for children’s cancer.

•There was no donation to Climbing Out this year due to their restructuring and rebuilding activities. The week’s sponsorship for 2017 has already been confirmed




There were changes in the Trustees. Geoff Bonnett stood down as trustee and has become a founding patron for the charity.

We added Jack Edge and Neil Welsh to our group of Trustees. The Current team are: Damien Whales, Stuart Patman, Doug Bentley, Tony McInally, James Thorp, Courtney Pettifor, Jack Emery, Neil Welsh and Jack Edge.




Thanks to:


•Frontier Agri for their £500 to the 2016 walk costs.

•Greys of Ely for the sponsorship of the coach and travel.


Press coverage


Both the Ely Standard and Ely Weekly news remain fantastic supporters of the walk, thank you for the fantastic coverage. Including the front page of the Weekly news!



We have finished the year financially strong. Whilst we have set up partnerships with Edgars Gift and Climbing Out, we are still very much looking for more causes to support.


The year ahead


The walk looks set to be the biggest yet, there is an outside possibility we might make 150 participants.

Liz Whales (my Mum) in her role as Ladies Captain at Barnham Broom, has made the Malcolm Whales Foundation her charity of the year. There is a golf day on the 25th August 2017.

We are hope to grow a strong partnership with Edgars Gift, Climbing Out and TMWF all working together. A meeting is planned for early in the year to get the 3 charities together.

We would welcome increased uptake in both of our major events. The goal for the walk is 500 participants. The 12 hours, I would simply like as many schools involved as possible.


Finally thanks to everybody who has supported us financially or through time and effort. It is appreciated enormously.


Onwards and upwards!


Damien Whales


TMWF Chairman