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The Malcolm Whales Foundation

Malcolm Whales was only 55 years old when he died. Malcolm was my Dad; he was a very active man who always lived life to its fullest. Unfortunately when he was diagnosed with Bowel Cancer, there had been no obvious signs. By the time he received his prognosis, the cancer had spread throughout his body, meaning he never really stood a fighting chance.


Anybody that has been affected by Cancer will understand the utter devastation that it leaves. The impact on my life has been beyond measure! I am desperate to honour my father’s memory and create something positive from my personal tragedy.


Before my father’s death in 2008, he had got involved in endurance challenges and in particular long distance walks. I decided to create a walk in his name, the only problem, would teenagers want to go on a ‘walk’?


In 2009 we organised the first ‘Dorset Walk’ along the South West Coastal path. Never in my wildest dreams did I expect it to be the success it has been! We started with 30 students in 2009, raising £6000. By the end of 2018 we had over 165 walkers and we had raised over £180,000.

The Malcolm Whales Foundation is something that makes me incredibly proud; its success has been mind-blowing. We are raising large amounts of money annually and we are supporting some incredible causes. Perhaps though, the most rewarding part has been the impact on the participants’ lives. We have given them an introduction to charitable causes and the positive difference they can make. It is safe to say that every single participant has been challenged and by taking part have developed as people! Its impact has been enormous!


We are still a very young charity. We want to get bigger, better and impact wider. We need your support as a walker, a sponsor or in any way you can. Please get involved and support an unbelievably positive cause!


Both my family and I would personally like to thank you in advance for your support.

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Damien Whales

Chairman of the Malcolm Whales Foundation

What We Do?

All the money we raise will go to a number of different causes and cancer charities.


The Malcolm Whales Foundation's aim is to 'to help people affected by cancer and illness'. The charity itself achieves this in a number of different ways, and through our fundraising events, are able to raise funds to support those affected in a variety of different ways.


We achieve our aims by supporting:

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